The Equal Origins

Buyer-Supplier Alliance:

Accelerate Gender Equity and Meet Sustainability Goals 

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The Equal Origins Buyer-Supplier Alliance: Accelerate Gender Equity and Meet Sustainability Goals 

The Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) created the Buyer-Supplier Alliance to ensure that gender equity becomes core to sustainability and responsible sourcing programs.

The Alliance builds on the Equal Origins Gender Equity Scorecard for Producer Organizations. Organizations answer questions in a free online questionnaire and receive a gender equity scorecard that supports them to build gender-responsive programs and benchmarks them vis-à-vis their peers. Producer Organizations can also access free tools and support through an online platform that enables them to reach greater levels of achievement over time. 

As a member of the Alliance, you can find and work with producer organizations who have an Equal Origins Gender Equity Scorecard and Action Plan that demonstrates their commitment to gender equity.

Sign up today to leverage gender equity in service of your sustainability goals, gain access to data to inform your goal measurements, and receive recognition of the leadership role being played by your organization. 

What Roasters Do:

  • Sign-up at the level that works for your business: Leader, Ally, Supporter
  • Identifiy Producer Organizations with an Equal Origins Action Plan
  • Invest in programs to directly support progress on gender equity

Member Benefits

Leadership in driving equitable treatment ​for farming women, youth and their families and communities. 

Ability to connect ​with supply chain partners through the Equal Origins Framework, where they can access “right-fit” tools to help them take action.

Active promotion ​of your business as a Gender Equity leader across web and social media platforms. 

What Producer Organizations Do:

  • Sign up to receive initial guidance documents & support
  • Respond to the Equal Origins on-line self assessment
  • Receive gender equity Scorecard report
  • Use Scorecard recommendations to develop a targeted Action Plan
  • Secure investments from buyers
  • Take action & impact to the next level

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