Virtual Learning Journey to Advance Gender Equity 

An Online Program for  Smallholder Coffee and Cacao Producer Organizations

The Virtual Learning Journey is a valuable resource to support producer organizations in their journey toward greater gender equity.

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Does your organization need help to:

  • Understand the components of gender equity?
  • Identify gender gaps that exist, and create plans to address them?
  • Connect with market actors who seek to support greater gender equity?
  • Enhance your efforts by learning from peers also engaged in strengthening inclusivity in their organizations?

 The Virtual Learning Journey is a valuable resource to help with all of the above. 

Our Goal is to Ensure Gender Equity Becomes Core to Sustainability

The Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) has created tools for the industry to ensure that gender equity becomes core to sustainability and responsible sourcing programs – favorably impacting the lives of millions of families. 

A key goal of our work is to connect buyers and sellers who support gender equity, and to encourage coffee and cocoa buyers to invest in gender equity programming to support further progress in those organizations.

Kimberly Easson, The Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE)

What the Virtual Learning Journey includes:

  • Participation in our facilitated dialogue sessions to explore the domains of a gender equitable producer organizations 
  • An educational video series to train members and staff on the key components for gender equity
  • An online self-assessment to identify gender gaps in your organization
  • Guidance to design targeted action plans to address identified gaps and begin a credible gender equity journey 
  • Your organization's profile listed as part of PGE's Buyer-Supplier Alliance

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  • Leadership in driving equitable treatment ​for women, youth and their farming families and communities. 
  • Ability to connect ​with buyers and other supply chain partners who value your efforts.  
  • Active promotion ​of your organization as a Gender Equity leader across web and social media platforms. 

How does it work?

  • As part of a ten week online program, Producer Organizations access an online self-assessment 
  • Organizations receive their Gender Equity Scorecard which can be used as a tool internally to acknowledge its strengths and weaknesses and to guide the development of an action plan to improve.
  • Organizations access free tools and guidance in their language through a Learning Portal that supports them to reach greater levels of achievement over time. The Portal also acts as a Hub for learning and engagement among peer organizations.
  • Participating buyers access Action Plan summaries (with approval from POs) through the Buyer-Supplier Alliance and use them to make investments and support action within POs.

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