Connecting the Supply Chain for Impact on Gender Equity 

The pandemic impacts men and women differently. Reports from the coffee and cocoa communities in the region indicate that restrictions on movement are reducing women's participation where their voices most need to be heard, placing further limits on their access to food and critical health care for themselves and their families, and that gender-based violence is on the rise.

As agricultural supply chains continue to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and resources are prioritized to respond to the global emergency, gender equity must remain a priority. Our recently launched Framework for Market Linkage comprises four interrelated components to drive change globally, along entire supply chains:

Virtual Learning Journey

Producer organizations participate in a series of facilitated conversations to support them on their gender equity journey. Organizations access the Gender Equity Index which provides a snapshot of their performance along five domains of gender equity. Organizations use the information to build an action plan which can be shared with industry partners who desire to support their efforts. 

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Buyer-Supplier Alliance

Buyers access the profiles of participating Producer Organziations who are on a credible journey toward greater gender equity. Profiles contain a top-line action plan that highlights priority actions in which a buyer can invest to support progress on gender equity. 

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Learning Portal

As part of their participation in the Virtual Learning Journey, Producer organizations access free tools and support in their language through an online platform that supports them to reach greater levels of achievement over time. 

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Community Hub

Allies from across the sector engage in a community space that fosters joint learning and exchange of ideas and good practice.

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PGE harnesses the data gathered through these components to strengthen the business case for further engagement and investment over time. Together we can ensure that gender equity remains core to sustainability and responsible sourcing programs as the coffee and cocoa sectors evolve.

Take this opportunity to be a part of a new era of equality and sustainability. Everyone can play a role. To learn more: